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Life's Calculations, Misdirections, and Manipulations From Jim Rose!!

Snake Oil is an ecclectic encyclopedia of all things scam, fraud, rip off, con and con artists, the tricks behind the tricks including bar bets, brain washing, hypnotism, illusions and crazy stunts. The book's purpose is to explain the psychology of having a streeet education so that the core motivators of action (why people do what they do) can be used in legal ways for DIY marketing.
It is a collection of all things street wise. Don't be fooled again.
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FREAK LIKE ME (Real, Raw & Dangerous)
Inside the Jim Rose Circus By Jim Rose - Bantam Doubleday Dell/1995 (contributor: Melissa Rossi)

The uncensored behind-the-scenes story of the man and his geeks who started a phenomenon. Rose's unusual life and compelling personality made several best seller lists.

Having started out in underground clubs on the West Coast, the Jim Rose Circus now plays to sellout crowds all over the world. Every stunt they pull is real - including a football game with running chain saws. Their aim is to amaze, to stun, to gross you out, to hit the exhilirating forbidden zone of the brain - and leave you screaming for more.

Now Jim Rose takes you along on tour with the circus in a hilarious, insane, outrageous odyssey of the bizarre - and gives you the whole true-life story of the men and women who put on the most incredible, unthinkable, and amazing show in the world.