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"Jim Rose is a cult hero" – Tucker Carlson, CNN 

"The absolute must-see act is the Seattle-based Jim Rose Show" – Rolling Stone

"Freakmania is spreading unabated" – Newsweek

"Mr. Rose, the founder of the Jim Rose Circus, is a contortionist who swallows razor blades and lies on a bed of nails. His colleagues include Mr. Lifto, who hangs heavy objects from his pierced body parts; Torture King, who puts pins through his body, and Slug the Sword Swallower who eats his namesakes alive. Is this the future of family entertainment?" - New York Times

"Lollapalooza's word of mouth hit attractions" - USA Today

"Selling out shows across a thrill-hungry nation" - Washington Post

"It's a grand spectacle, a cathartic mind-blow that had fans screaming, applauding and (familiar with all this from MTV) reciting memorized lines of Roses' manic spiel – a «Rocky Horror Picture Show» from hell. With his unkempt head of hair setting off a pointed goatee and piercing, intense eyes, Rose could act as a double for satan" - Los Angeles Times

"Jim Rose is a pop culture Icon" - San Francisco Weekly

"The pioneer of Bodmod, the Jim Rose Circus, plans to unveil a «basement surgery show» in '97. Main features: implanted coral horns" - Newsweek

"The line waiting to see Mr. Rose's show stretches toward the headquarters of the Mormon Church two blocks away. Hundreds of fans are turned away when the show sells out." - Wall Street Journal

"If the body of performer Jim Rose is indeed a temple, he has perfected its dessecration to a fine art" - Spin Magazine

"Yes we know Jim Rose looks freaky, it's his business. Look inside to see what he can do for your business" - Fast Company Magazine